Firm history

A human sized company focused on innovation

NOVAMOULES was established in 1980 by 5 young skilled technicians, among whom Loreto RICCI, the current Chairman and Managing Director. At that time, it was a small company, with a single customer, VMC GIVORS but the team spirit was already focused on innovation :

1987 – 1st CNC roboted plant

1999 – 1st PTA plant

2009 – 1st roboted PTA plant

Thanks to technical innovation and service enhancement, NOVAMOULES has been steadily growing and strenghtening its position on the market. The company now consists of 2 connected facilities that cover a total area of 2000 sq/metres and employs 41 people. It supplies moulds and parts to over 100 customers on the glass container market worldwide.

Market position

Leader in metal coating and complex neck ring manufacturing

NOVAMOULES’activity is mainly focused on mould parts used in glass bottle and jar forming. 85 % of the products are represented by neck rings, guide rings and plungers, from the most basic to the most complex one. With the years, the company has reached a recognized level of skill and expertise in :

  • coating moulds made of any kind of metal and alloys.

  • manufacturing complex parts.


Increased quality, increased performance, increased service life, increased ease of use.

“ Our goal is simple : anticipating glass industry requirements in order to bring the best answers to expectations and real benefits to people buying and using our products” NOVAMOULES TEAM